08 September 2011

Take Me In and Dry the Rain

I was going to be awful and post the Hilary Duff "Come Clean" mv here to keep true to my habit of sprouting terrible songs in my head whenever it rains but some evils you just cannot undo, so let the far better, less intrusive Beta Band reference suffice for the day. It's raining here today, and it officially feels like a punctuation on summer. I can't say I will miss it too much. We're getting a little relief from the smell of garbage that seems to run rampant all throughout Korea; let's not think too hard about the fact that we're not smelling it anymore because we're stepping in it now. Ew.

I had my first English convo lesson today. Can't really gauge whether or not it went successfully, and I'm not sure whether it's because I'm hard on myself or because I'm a crap teacher. My student is wonderful, though-- she's a mother of two in her thirties who has studied English literature (though very superficially, she claims) in university, has pretty good pronunciation habits already and seems to be eager to learn. She is so wonderful, in fact, that I feel guilty taking her money. But then again, accepting any form of payment in hand makes one feel a bit exposed, does it not? Eh, it's either suck it up or do it for free, and that is too big a price to pay on my part. We'll see what happens tomorrow; this student, I'm relieved, will be bringing his own materials.

Ok, I can't resist with the crappy song postage any longer. Call it nationalistic pride! Enjoy.

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