21 October 2011


It's not a source of comfort to re-encounter teen angst in my ripe age. I can only justify its reemergence as having not been exposed to half of the whole of which was the primary catalyst for it when the title corresponded to chronology. Cryptic much? But in addition to throwing my entire foundation of identity off-kilter (I am, at twenty-four, supposed to resemble somewhat of a grown-ass woman, I would think), this second wind makes me realize I should have done away with it all before I turned twenty, for being older and perhaps a little wiser I just don't have the wherewithal to move on to the next life-shattering problem.

I wonder if in the future I will cease to change. And fear that I'd never even notice.

Could I be reborn a teen in the early '90s just for a week? Thanks.

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