04 October 2011

A Month Later

On my regular hike this morning, "Miss Misery" shuffled into my earholes via my iTunes and I realized this was the first Elliott Smith I'd listened to since landing in Korea.

Does this mean that I'm happy?

Furthermore, for the first time in probably about six months, I feel as if my cooking spirit has been galvanized-- more particularly, I have this unsquelchable hankering to bake something, largely inspired by the images in this post. Kind of ironic since I haven't made a single meal while here (unless ramen for my cousin's kids counts) and I lack the one thing I so desire-- an oven. Well, there are other setbacks, and plenty of them, such as the unavailability of some of my favorite ingredients and the scarcity and resulting price hike of most others when it comes to baking. Pâte à choux can overcome all of these, I suppose. Well, except for the major absence of the oven.

It's been a month and then some in Korea, and there are so many things to say, and yet simultaneously very little. Life has held the regularity of nothingness, but I'm still having fun. I've been meaning to do some posts about weekend happenings, so perhaps I will do so retroactively. Don't expect anything spectacular or culturally/spiritually enlightening, though.

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